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The creator of best selling iPhone App "PocketGuitar"
Pocket Organ C3B3 is programmed by Shinya Kasatani, the creator of best selling iPhone App "PocketGuitar" and is designed by Junichiro Yamasaki of "Manetron (Mellotron App)".

Sliding 9 drawbars
Authentic emulated sounds generated from "Virtual Tonewheel System" mixed by sliding 9 drawbars

5-octave Dual Keyboards
61key + 61key, 5-octave Dual Keyboards with switchable key width (8 white keys or 10 white keys on screen)

Sliding drawbars panel & effects panel

Scrollable Keyboard
Scrollable Keyboard that can be configured to your own octave key range on screen with 4 preset buttons

Key transpose
Key transpose function (You can play a music of any key in the key of C)

Rotary Speaker
Rotary Speaker effect can be changed to Fast (Tremolo), Slow (Chorale), or even Off (brakes).

Harmonic Percussion
Harmonic Percussion effect with adjustable decay, 2nd and 3rd harmonic

Keyclick noise effect

Built-in Reverb
Built-in Reverb that simulates spring reverb

Overdrive effects
Overdrive effects with adjustable depth

Scanner vibrato & chorus

Spring shock (reverb crash) effect
Shake your iPhone to play spring shock (reverb crash) effect like Jon Lord (keyboard player of Deep Purple) or Keith Emerson (a member of the Emerson, Lake & Palmer, ELP).

Glissando effect
iPhone's built-in accelerometer gives you amazing glissando effect control.

20 Factory Presets
20 Factory Presets containing typical settings used by Rock, Jazz or Gospel Sounds

In App Purchase
You can add the User Memory Bank that allows you to store your own 20 patches (drawbars & effects settings) & Preset Packages with In App Purchase.